daring detail {perfectly carved}

There is a lot to love about this victorian style kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, as it is so thoughtfully designed down to every last gorgeous detail.  For me, the custom stove alcove puts this kitchen over the top!  The execution of this showstopping design element is flawless - from the thickness of the tiles (which just happen to be locally handmade) to the contrast of the opal tile with the serene gray walls.


giving thanks {rooted in tradition}

 Until just a few days ago I wasn't quite sure where I would be setting my Thanksgiving table and I am quite excited to announce that I will be spending it in my new home state of California.  Even typing that out, I am in disbelief that I am actually picking up and moving to San Francisco.  Much more on this exciting move to come!  For now, I wanted to share the ideas currently swirling through my head on how I will create a California casual Thanksgiving rooted in tradition. I am particularly inspired by the textural mix of cactus spines and dried leaves, as well as lightening up the menu with a grilled kale and fig based salad.
(grilled kale salad via five and spice, leaf place cards via once wed, wreath by Studio Choo, unknown, cactus photograph via tumblr and invitation suite via Oh So Beautfiul Paper)
There is certainly much to be thankful for this year!


the potting bench {blooming from within}

I am currently home in Chicago visiting family and was tasked with one of my favorite assignments - centerpieces for an elegant and seasonal dinner in a nearby stable.  I have been wanting to use pumpkins as a vessel for sometime now - so I grabbed my garden clippers and hit the backyard.  I emerged with a variety of fragrant herbs and simple blooms. With a just a few supplemental floral purchases, I hit the potting bench and created some bright and whimsical arrangements...


autumn indulgence {salted caramel}

Salt and caramel -- an unassuming, delicious and luxurious combination of flavors that translates equally as well into the world of color and fashion to create these classic fall staples...
I know that I certainly would like to indulge.


mouse morsels {sweet potato + feta frittata}

This morning I was determined to put a spin on my typical Saturday frittata.  I have also been trying add more sweet potatoes to my diet, so I came up with what turned in to one delicious breakfast - a sweet potato, feta, spinach frittata!
  • 1 bag Fresh Spinach
  • 1/4 cup of crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 small sweet potato cubed 
  • 3 large eggs, whisked
  1. Preheat oven to a medium broil
  2. Boil cubed sweet potatos is a small pot of water until fork tender, drain
  3. Wilt spinach in a non-stick saute pan, squeeze out excess water
  4. Add whisked eggs to saute pan and turn heat to medium
  5. Add sweet potatos and feta to egg mixture
  6. Cook egg mixture for 2 -3 minutes, until bottom of eggs begin to cook
  7. Place pan in oven, under broiler for 5 minutes or until eggs are cooked through and the top begins to turn golden brown. 
  8. Remove from oven and carefully loosen edges with a rubber spatula to transfer to cutting board. 
  9. Cut into desired number of pieces and serve immediately!
 The resulting flavor is the perfect mix of savory and sweet! 


An All Hallows Evening

When it comes to pumpkins I have always been a traditionalist and opt for the oversizesd orange variety, but this year I went white.  I cannot get over how much I love seeing the contrast between the tiniest of my purchases and my black desk.  It has caused my mind to reel with visions of an elegant All Hallows Eve soiree void of traditional Halloween hues and ripe with a clean contrasting palette of sophistication...


feast for the eyes {pippin hill farm}

Wow, my instagram feed just filled up with some amazing photos from a dinner currently occurring at Pippin Hill Farm. I could not resist posting here on delight by design, as the palette, textures and elements are all incredible inspiration for fall entertaining.
The event was designed by Easton Events and more photos can be seen by seen on instrgram using " using the hashtag "eastonfotofeast". Oh, I wish I was there!


eye candy {perfect passage}

I have been threatening a fall trip to San Fransisco for some time now and I just found the reason that thought absolutely needs to become a reality.  Well, that is if I could find a member of the Battery to escort me through the bookcase passageway that leads to one fabulously high gloss green + brick walled room designed by Ken Fulk..
(images via c magazine and the wall street journal)


fall palette {feathers + frivolity}

Crisp white and muted charcoals mix beautifully with saturated berry and barely there peach hues to create a sophisticated and magical palette ripe for autumn inspiration.