reading a home by its cover

It is very hard not to read a homes interior by its "cover" - the architecture, landscaping and care a home owner has taken with creating the entrance to a home is very indicative of what to expect once that front door swings open.  I know my imagination has beautiful thoughts of what is behind these doors...

(photographed on a recent run in Sonoma, pinterest and c magazine)


Unknown said…
Are you going to do a follow up article? Would love to know what happens next.

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Unknown said…
The architecture of this house is very unique! I like the simplicity and how things are properly done. I also love the paint job and I would like to try it someday to my unit at the line condo singapore
Unknown said…
Interesting! I like the minimalist approach of this house. I can compare this one to a new development rising in SG I think it is called NEWest Mixed Development
thank you very much for sharing with us this great note.
Unknown said…
Great and easy-to-understand tutorial, thnx!

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John Lee said…
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TomKu said…
It looks great, on matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.
Most people will never be great at #Style, BUT YOU ARE ;-).

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Shanaya said…
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chris said…
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