daring detail {perfectly carved}

There is a lot to love about this victorian style kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, as it is so thoughtfully designed down to every last gorgeous detail.  For me, the custom stove alcove puts this kitchen over the top!  The execution of this showstopping design element is flawless - from the thickness of the tiles (which just happen to be locally handmade) to the contrast of the opal tile with the serene gray walls.


Joanna Ali said...

Nice :3

Katrina said...

Nice inspiration! Love a good kitchen. X

Mohamed Goneam said...

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Laura Madalene said...

Really there is a lot to love about this victorian style kitchen. I think this the perfect design for kitchen and i would love to use this style in my kitchen. Home Decor Ideas

Caroline said...

Gotta love subway tile - SO chic!

Ambyr said...

That's such a beautiful pop of detail in a kitchen. I love how it sets everything in like a picture.


Hannah Maple said...

This is just insanely perfect! Thank you for sharing! :)

laura Madalene said...

The tree is perfect. I love the birds and nests and pine cones. Mother Nature is the best designer on the planet! The outdoor trees look like trees of crystal with their ice coating. Everything looks so enchanting and festive. Hope your holiday is jolly. Christmas decoration ideas

Zelune said...

Of course every home needs interior design to make the house fit. Your post designs looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.


kashmala tariq said...

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kashmala tariq said...

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You know what would look great? Glass doors for your patio!

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How come you've stopped blogging?? your posts are wonderful :(

Proud florist of New Jersey, USA.


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