fireplace envy

When it comes to styling areas of my home, the coffee table and my shelves top the list but if I had a proper fireplace (versus my wood burning stove) I am pretty sure it would become my styling obsession. There are just so many ways to dress up a fireplace--from the mantle to the hearth.

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What is on your mantle or in your fireplace?


Christina said…
my two mantles are causing me issues. the one in my kitchen has giant mirror on it and i like that fine. it also has a small stack of books and a little plant. the one in my bedroom is more of the problem child. it has books, two giraffes, and a mirror over it. it's not right though. thanks for the inspiration!
My fireplace surround is tiles in glass so I lovee it. I have a gas fireplace so I have those lovely builder grade ceramic logs. I need to upgrade those. Your selection of fireplaces are lovely. I particularly like the one filled with logs. It is interesting and natural.
I have a brown ironwork that hangs above it.. On the mantle I have 4 framed pictures, a jar of shells,candle and a small ceramic flower frog.
Jess LC said…
I love the collection of glass candle sticks on the mantle in the middle. I might steal that idea. It probably wouldn't cost much to recreate via thrift stores....
I recently purchased a vintage mirrored dresser from ebay. It was pricey, but I used, and got cash back on my purchase!
Callie Grayson said…
*sigh* i wish I had one!
bananas. said…
my fireplace is eh okay. i would like to make it a lil more appealing. right now i have a couple candle stick holders, framed pictures of my bulldog, a couple small vases from ikea, and a table clock. above: mirror and antlers. what i really want is a vintage framed mirror.
Anonymous said…
Pretty funny, the fireplace with all the wood stacked in it! If you can't burn it, store it. I love fireplaces as a center piece. Unfortunately in this house I don't have one.
I currently don't have a mantle of my own but if I did it would definitely look like a few of these pictures that you posted. These will have to go into my inspiration folder for future use. Thanks for sharing.
escapade said…
I have a round black mirror banked to the left and about 50 cream candles of all different sizes just off centre... I like it, it makes me happy to see it :)
tanya said…
all these fireplaces are such great statements. I love the simplicity of the second and third row of pics..lovely!
These pics makes me want a fireplace in my home!!! Here in Italy is not usual!
Andrea said…
Looks like some of those are not working fireplaces. In that case you could easily have one, pretty much anywhere. They are so easy to make too. We made ours from MDF, reclaimed wood and textured paint (taped to make "grout lines") to make tiles...It was fun, easy and looks great too. We filled the interior with an old salvaged mirror and used old wood "chunks" to make candle holders. It looks pretty good!
Love this post.
Oh my goodness, this is a beautiful roundup! Each and every one of these is gorgeous! I'm forever changing up our mantle. At the moment, there are three vases on it and a few small sculptures. But I need to do something more . . .
Truly Smitten said…
I wish I had a REAL fireplace! I have two silhouette framed art and a stack of vintage greek mythology books on my mantle. These pics are gorgeous!
georgia b. said…
blair, only you could make fireplaces look so good and sound so appealing on the cusp of summer. :)

i wish i had a fireplace—even if just for looks alone. at least my sister has a wonderful one—and a working one. it's a wood, not a gas. it's so beautiful and very large! she has three different sized framed prints of black and white photography on it. the fireplace mantel is white and has lovely raised carvings on it—sort of like cherubs—kind of victorian looking. it's very old.

oh, i just noticed i'm rambling again. :)

have a great weekend!
these are all lovely. our fireplace has three paintings propped up on the mantle. i've gone back and forth on what to place there....these images have given me loads of ideas! Thank you
Rachel said…
These are great! If we purchase the home we are looking at, we'll have a fireplace and I keep dreaming of different ways to make it fabulous!
I want I want I want! We don't have a fireplace, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about buying a mantle from an architectural salvage lot and creating my own little fireplace vignette!
Two Tall Girls said…
My mantle is a huge source of frustration. Our fireplace is a blue/grey brick, floor to ceiling with a bench height hearth and a small mantle in the same brick. I've lived here for 9 years and haven't been able to find a good solution for it. Love all of these.

funny, i was just looking for inspiration about fireplaces! i'd love to get one, even if it's summer now, it's still so cozy to have a lovely fireplace in a home. i'd love to have that bedroom in the 2nd pic, i wouldn't even have to have the actual FIRE in the fireplace, just need it for the looks :) i saw i picture of an old white fireplace filled with books... lovely idea! happy weekend!
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