What is on your coffee table?

I get quite irked when something is out of place on my coffee table (such as a magazine that isn't at the right angle with the others) and it is the place I play stylist the most. Currently atop my table are tulips in crystal cut vase, two books stacked on top of each other (the New Traditional from Darryl Carter and the Domino book), a sleek matchbook and a Christiane Celle Calypso Candle in Gardenia. However, I think I am in need of a new coffee table look--some of my current favorites:

I just love the trio of varying size dishes filled with small knick knacks, the colors of the books and the matchstick container.

And think adding some letterpress blocks, pillar candles and an oversize balloon vase full of branches definitley would create a very fun look and give my coffee table some height.

And I do have a tufted leather ottoman in storage that would look quite cool with some vintage bit and bobs on it.

Or I could try to embrace a little bit more of the rustic style of the West.

Or go the totally other direction with a more refined glamorous look.

(via melanie acevedo, philip harvey, stacey branford, unknown, elle decor via {this is glamorous , apartment therapy)
Then again I do love the idea of bringing the outdoors in and just having a long container of succulents on a glass topped table. Oh so many options! So, what is currently on your coffee table?


KristenB said…
haha, we have a tarp on our coffee table! This gets me wondering what I will end up putting on it. I haven't had one in a year. I think I will put some interesting books and some brightly colored vases with roses from our rose bushes. Thanks for the inspiration. =)
PS~Erin said…
Right now my coffee table is clear of everything. Throughout the day it will have an array of puzzles, books, coloring books and crayons, etc... When we are past this phase, I'd like to have a nice big tray that has some sort of arrangement, current magazines/books, and the tv remote, all ready for use or easy to clear away.

I love the first picture and the one with the ottoman/tray.
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous options! Love the leather ottoman so much!

My coffee table is so boring ~ just big art books... I clearly need to spice it up! Love this post!

Rachel said…
For some reason, I keep my totally free from anything... but these are all so cute. I may need to rethink that!
bananas. said…
my coffee table has a whole lot of nothing and i was just recently thinking of things i could buy to liven it up. these photos are great inspiration. i love the colors in the 1st one.
our coffee table is still in the attic! i guess i was going for a VERY minimalist look when we moved into our home a few years ago. so, to answer your question...dust is currently on my coffee table.
I love ottomans used as coffee tables with a tray on top.

Never would have thought to just put a tray of plants on a glass coffee table, but I may have to look into that!
Anonymous said…
Love these photos, so inspiring as my coffee table definitely needs to be updated for the new season. Right now there's a glass vase filled with coffee beans (makes the room smell fantastic!), several fashion magazines and the latest issue of the foodnetwork magazine and several crossword puzzle books. Definitely time for a change!
Unknown said…
i'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to my table displays.
i love the first image - that stripe rug just completes the room!
Oh. My. Goodness. That third one is absolutely DIVINE! I don't have a coffee table--we're still figuring out our layout and I'm not sure we'll be able to fit one---but these pics make me want one for sure!!!
jess@noelmarie said…
I love that first table. The colors, textures, and shapes really appeal to me. And I agree with you about having to have everything in the right place.
Clear jars each filled with: Peanuts, pecans, almonds, and tamarinds....
Oh, and books. Munching & reading while watching the tube.
P.S. Love the color filled collage-ish-ness of the top photo! It's right up my aesthetic alley.
Sew Sue said…
You can tell how interesting a person is by their coffee table. No coffee table suggests no warmth of character. My coffee table has books, magazines, onyx eggs, ornamental bowl. When friends sit around there is usually something on the table that attracts a topic of conversation.
Amanda said…
This is a fabulous post Blair! I love looking at tablescapes too. On our coffee table, we have a wooden tray with a small crystal vase, and some small blue and white china dishes. Two books, and a stack of magazines. I love shaking it up a bit and playing stylist, my 17 month old thinks its fab too! ;)
Oh great inspiration. Right now my coffee table is empty on top! It use to be a massive jewelry display case with a slide out glass drawer. We bought at a garage sale and trimmed down the legs and have my books,etc inside.
Mine has a large aqua distressed tray- with two small stacks of books. And a small maidenhair fern on top of one of the stacks!
I love all of these images...the possbilities that are open with coffee tables are endless. I love it!
such a fun post! we love this!
simplesong said…
great tables! we keep ours clear -- can't tempt our 2 year old -- but i do look forward to filling ours with pretty things like the above!
Haven and Home said…
Oh I love a tufted leather ottoman. I know how you feel, I am constantly changing the coffee table and fixing things that have become out of place.
About 100 Country Style Magazines and some french decorating & craft books.
iva yaneva said…
I am loving the last photo! the table looks so antique and adds so much character! then again, I wouldn't really use it with all that rust and dirt, but adding a glass on top of it really makes it complete :)
love succulents as well! I recently arranged a small pot with them for my table :)
georgia b. said…
LOVE that last one!

my coffee table was $5 at a garage sale. round, wood, and low to the ground. after my papa died, we found an old, big, very heavy,round piece of glass with a green tint that was the exact size of my table. now it sits on the table and has two books about interior design, a beautiful glass lotus flower votive holder, a handcarved wood bowl for my remotes and some coasters on it.

you asked. :)
In my living room I have a round coffee table and on top of that is an anthurium plant, an Annie Leivowitz book, a small decorative plate w/a heart shape sandstone and some animal ornaments from Pottery Barn... In the family room I have a basket of magazines and a dish w/ smallriver rocks and candle.
Christina said…
my coffee table is way boring (i need to do some work on it!)
Nicole Marie said…
i wish i always had fresh flowers on my coffee table!
Melissa said…
I love those letterpress blocks. On our coffee table we have a set of glass coasters, a silver seashell that holds our remote, and an aqua blue candle holder :)
Anonymous said…
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TIG said…
Great idea for a post -- the top image is especially lovely -- currently bouquets of blue hydrangeas on the coffee table.
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