Not So Nautical Blue

I have always loved cobalt and navy blues but only felt comfortable using them when I was in Boston (it was one of the most exciting parts of moving there for me!). However, I now beg to differ - I think that if used in a modern pattern or with modern accessories it works just about anywhere. It even works when paired with red!

All rooms via Domino and That Girl Designs.


Rainy Day "Reds"

Well, it is not really a rainy day here but this red umbrella stand ALMOST makes me wish it was. I saw this Kartell stand over the weekend in the NY Times Design Fall 2008 guide and thought it was so fun.

If the red is too much for you, it also comes in blue, silver, yellow and smoke!


Stylish Mobile

I just got a promotion at work and i decided it was a good idea celebrate by splurging on the newest i-phone, which in itself is stylish. However, now it can be even more so with Style.com's new iPhone application that allows you to watch fashion shows and check on the latest Style.com headlines all while sitting in traffic.


See Jane Work

This week continues to be a very stressful one at work and I thought another office supplies post was in order (since work is all I can really think about today!). These supplies are a perfect gift for the new college student, a colleague and most importantly yourself. There is nothing that feels better than a fun yet organized desk. Here are some items that can make your desk be just that.

Thomas Paul Note Mouse pad:

Eco Chick Desk Calender:

Thomas Paul file and pencil holders:

Accordion folders:

All products are available at See Jane Work.


Color Me Perfect

I saw this home yesterday on Design*Sponge and feel in love with the beautiful colors and incredible accessories. It is the California home of Kelly and Jeremy Osborne.

I think that olive green and chocolate brown can easily come across a little dark but me when paired with the cream and white furniture in the dining and living rooms it instead creates a warm and welcoming feel.

What fun accessories in this kitchen-- the numbers over the window, the chalkboard basket and the bright area rug really make this traditional kitchen stand out.

I think this baby blue tile is so serene for the bathroom. I also love the open shower and bathtub --looks like their own personal spa.


Working Girl

For what seems like the millionth day in a row my to do list for the day is very daunting! However, the thought of having cute number and action clips like these (from Mateo Ilasco) makes it seem a bit more bearable!


Provence Daydreams

This home is exactly what I imagine living in France to be like-I could daydream about it all day long! Unfortunately this home is already taken by Charmaine, an interior designer, and Paul Jack. They converted this 250 year old barn in to a very warm home with a flair of industrial style. I love the natural light, exposed beams and rough plaster walls mixed with the occasional contemporary accent or fixture.

For more photos and information on this home click here.

A Spot for Teapots

I just picked up some peppermint tea and and a gluten free cashew cookie (the gluten free means guilt free to me!) as a mid morning snack at Planet Palate, a local organic cafe, and fell in love with their tea pot shelf above the espresso machine. It is a shelf full of antique and Chinese teapots - all of which are unique. It really looked fabulous. So, if you have an empty kitchen shelf and are looking for a new item to collect-I am going to recommend teapots!


Tile Inspiration

Tile is for more than just a back splash for the bathroom, it can add a visually interesting design element to any room. I really like the idea of having tile not only on the wall of a room but overflowing on to the floor or counter. A couple of ideas to get you thinking:


Busy Bee

My to do list for the day:

- Complete self-review for work
- Start and finish marketing plan proposal
- Create FY 08-09 operating plan
- Replace shattered cell phone

Needless to say, it is going to be a busy day for me so I am going to have to suppress my urge to research fun things to blog about today. Wish me luck! So until tomorrow, enjoy these beautiful and inspiring photographs from Gentyl and Hyers.
I love the coral and blue color combination!
What beautiful and rich fall colors.
I think succulents are so beautiful, especially this time of year. One of my friends, a florist, used them in an arrangement for a party with lady slipper orchids. It was so unexpected and amazingly elegant - I will have to dig up those photos!


Lace for the Floor

Do you have a beautiful hardwood floor that you hate to cover up but also long to add a bold design statement to your room? If so the new Stella rug from Michelle Mason is a perfect match for you with it's lace like design. It is made out of 100% wool felt and comes in both natural and black:

You can buy them online at Not on the High Street , where you can also purchase many of her other home accessories (including the fun Fuscia pillows in the pictures above).


Pulled Together Prep

If I could choose any interior designer to decorate my home at the moment I have to say that it would be Palmer Weiss. Earlier this year this San Francisco based designer was named one of the top ten up and coming designers by Domino. I have always loved preppier style but have never been able to translate it well into my own home decor. My first apartment had Lily Pulitzer green walls and pink silk throw pillows--it was fun but didn't exactly exude sophistication. Palmer Weiss on the other hand has hit the nail on the head when it comes to pulled together prep.

Jax & Bones

I just got back from the vet with Tally-Ho, one of my two lab mixes, who sprained her wrist and is now sporting a very stylish purple polka dot cast. The good news is that she will be just fine if i can keep her from getting any exercise--which is pretty impossible considering that she is the most neurotic dog I know. Anyways, I decided that maybe a new bed would help her chill out and be happy just to rest for a while. I was very excited when I across these Jax & Bones dog beds, which unlike my current ones will not need to be thrown in the closet when guests come over. Jax & Bones's beds come in 3 shapes and in 42 different patterns. Now you can actually have dog beds that match your decor! These were my favorite:


Not Just for Bridesmaids

Teal is more than just a color for an 80's bridesmaid dress. It is absolutely beautiful in a home when combined with the right colors. It can make a room look effortlessly chic when combined with other jewel tones and a pop of pattern, as in these rooms via domino:

Or very sophisticated when combined with this white paneling and beautiful black and white rug (room via pointclickhome)


Soothing Sancturay

This bright and soothing bedroom is in Chip von Weise's beautifully renovated 1880's townhouse in the Gold Coast of Chicago. I love the pale blue in contrast to the dark bed frame and charcoal sketches. I also really like the way they mixed the antique bedside table with the modern leather headboard and light fixtures.

Check out the rest of this home in the current issue of Chicago Home+Garden or right here.



I was told the other day that I am difficult to buy jewelry for and that my taste was too eclectic. I disagreed, of course, but couldn't really define what I liked either so I decided to post all the jewelry I am currently admiring. I tend to only like wearing one piece of jewelry at a time so I lean toward bold choices--giving me at least a place to start. I found out that I really am easy to shop for, as everything I liked fell in to one of two distinct groups. Let's call the first gilded glamour--definitely more evening choices:

{crystal embellished cuff from Janis by Janis Savitt, cluster ring from Erickson Beamon,
cuff from Fendi, bangle from Ippolita, earrings from Ten Thousand Things}

The second theme, which was actually no surprise to me, was turquoise. This tends to be my staple jewelry during the daytime:
{Cuff from Jose & Maria, earrings from Anthony Nack, ring from Ippolita, braclet from J.Crew}