Jax & Bones

I just got back from the vet with Tally-Ho, one of my two lab mixes, who sprained her wrist and is now sporting a very stylish purple polka dot cast. The good news is that she will be just fine if i can keep her from getting any exercise--which is pretty impossible considering that she is the most neurotic dog I know. Anyways, I decided that maybe a new bed would help her chill out and be happy just to rest for a while. I was very excited when I across these Jax & Bones dog beds, which unlike my current ones will not need to be thrown in the closet when guests come over. Jax & Bones's beds come in 3 shapes and in 42 different patterns. Now you can actually have dog beds that match your decor! These were my favorite:


Arlene J. Swain said…
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