I was told the other day that I am difficult to buy jewelry for and that my taste was too eclectic. I disagreed, of course, but couldn't really define what I liked either so I decided to post all the jewelry I am currently admiring. I tend to only like wearing one piece of jewelry at a time so I lean toward bold choices--giving me at least a place to start. I found out that I really am easy to shop for, as everything I liked fell in to one of two distinct groups. Let's call the first gilded glamour--definitely more evening choices:

{crystal embellished cuff from Janis by Janis Savitt, cluster ring from Erickson Beamon,
cuff from Fendi, bangle from Ippolita, earrings from Ten Thousand Things}

The second theme, which was actually no surprise to me, was turquoise. This tends to be my staple jewelry during the daytime:
{Cuff from Jose & Maria, earrings from Anthony Nack, ring from Ippolita, braclet from J.Crew}


Amy S. Franklin said…
How beautiful these pendant . Great thanks for shared this post here . Cut Out Image

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