wishing away {the fall list}

As fleeting as the fall colors are in Jackson, it is still my favorite time of year.  However, there is one autumn ritual from childhood that I dearly miss - back to school shopping!  If I did indulge in a little spending to appropriately prepare for the season, these items would top of my list.  I mean I need a new road bike (and matching garnet bracelet) to safely cruise through the fallen leaves on the bike path, right?
(links: 16 speed city road bike, aquaova thermal bottle, vintage wool throw, glazed stoneware mug, garnet and macrame bracelet, and clare vivier fold over clutch)
 Ok, so some are more practical than others - maybe I will just settle for an adorable new cup for my cinnamon spice tea!


Ambyr said…
I love that bike, so adorable. Brown and greens are so rustic and can still be so girly. Great imagery.

Song Xuan said…
I like that bottle, what is the brand ?
Ruth said…
Mmm, I really wish for greens, browns and oranges this fall to. I think those are the perfect fall colors.
Mary B. Warren said…
This is an excellent post . I appreciate your amazing job here , well-done .
Lewis Clark said…
Good post, I remember the days when I used to have bicycle and ride on it everyday but things have changed now. Thank you for sharing the post with us and keep posting such posts
Robert Smith said…
Cool stuff. I love your post.

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