inspired table {blooming branches}

I have always loved the organic and sculptural touch that suspended branch installations add to large soirees and the way they completely transform event spaces, especially when perfectly adorned with floral elements. It is an idea I never thought of scaling down for more intimate parties at private residences, but these simple + lovely installations by Marigold and Mint have my mind reeling with ideas of just how impacting the look can be in a more casual setting and on a smaller scale.
I am so inspired that I think I may just have to try to create one this weekend!


Elizabeth Brown said…
These are perhaps the loveliest things I have seen all day. How I would love to just lie on each of those tables and stare up into that beautiful chandeliers above.

There are branches like that in my house, and we hang Christmas ornaments and multicolored lights from them in the archway going into our kitchen. They are so pure and lovely...something you could certainly spend your day admiring in simple bliss.
Glamour Drops said…
poppies and marigolds (i think?) ....they are truly delightful...such gorgeous happy colours...very lovely...
Anonymous said…
Absolutely gorgeous, such a simple yet beautiful idea! thank you for the inspiration - Home For Handmade
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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Shaila Habib said…
Really flower always looks beautiful . I'm impressed , thanks . Cut Out Image
marshamellow said…
How do you get the flowers to look fresh--are they all artificial? Have you used wire to connect it with the branch?

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