afternoon eye candy {lattice + lacquer}

I have always loved the application of lattice on to interior walls, as it is such a beautiful way to bring texture into a room. However, I never thought of it as a glamorous look until now. Such a stunning juxtaposing when in the same room as a little lacquer!


Home Chic Club said…
OMG!! Love, love, love!!!
Unknown said…
Love it, it's a really good idea.
Annie said…
I actually have to admit I've never seen lattice used indoors like that-- always on porches and patios. But as a fan of wall panelling, this seems a more interesting take. Texture, dimension! Beautiful space.
Unknown said…

Wow this look just awsome!

Jessica x
Ambyr said…
This is gorgeous. I love all the textures even though there's minimal color.

Labony Rany said…
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