craving {custom ann sacks tile}

Chevron patterns, deep turquoise and Ann Sacks tile - easily three of my favorite things. Combine these elements into one fabulous custom backsplash and am instantly twitterpated. 
(via Jute Home)
This is a bold look, yes, but the sleek lines throughout the rest of the kitchen really let the tile be center stage and prevent the space from looking too juvenile, don't you agree? 


Love the color! We are working with ASnne asks tiles in gold leaf..they are stunning!
Anonymous said…
This is so beautiful and simple. Love it!
Advanced Chic said…
Very unique. Reminds me of the Missoni design... impressive.
Pantry Doors said…
Sophisticated, cute and well designed kitchen. Working at this kitchen will be very productive and efficient as you can enjoy its spacious architecture.
phenhellan said…
Wonderful pictures looking great very comfortable.Restaurant Design
Erin said…
The second picture is more wonderful to me .
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Robert Smith said…
Lovely kitchen. Really so beautiful design. I love the pattern on the wall. It was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us

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