aesthetic questioning {rustic modern}

I was recently asked how I defined a rustic modern aesthetic?  It was a perplexing question, as I live in a town where "rustic" conjures up visions of taxidermy, oversized furniture and antler chandeliers. However for me it is all about simplicity and natural materials.  Add the clean lines of modern style and this is how I would answer the question...

What is your take on rustic modern? Honestly, all I know is that I love my interpretation of it!


ashley cooper said…
I always love when two styles merge. I think it adds so much interest and charm to a home. Have a great rest of your day dear!

-Ashley Cooper @
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love this!
morganvsmorgan said…
That second picture is So, SO beautiful. Killed me.
Ambyr said…
That door is beyond gorgeous. I also love the super crisp white walls with the wood and fire place inside.

WAW! That door in the 1st image is amazing!
Thanks for sharing it!

Safiya Jamila
I really enjoy the juxtaposition of rustic and modern design styles. It's a great way to bring natural elements into a space.
Great photographs!


Beautifull photos and great blog, especially for me thanks.
That is EXACTLY my aesthetic. I call it Rustic Luxe!! I love your blog.
This is pretty much exactly how my dream house looks, especially the kitchen. I love clean rooms with the warmth of all the wood you have here. I love the bathtub, though if I had my pick I'd get one with huge claw feet. Gorgeous!
Advanced Chic said…
Love the wood beams in the kitchen. A good contrast to the cool Stainless Steel. Together the effect is sophistication.
I was looking for exact same information from here to there and finally found on your blog site. you really made this things for understand easily.
Couture Carrie said…
Love it, especially that first space!

fondjournal said…
Clean, authentic look of "rustic"!
I love adding a rustic feel to any room, makes the space more inviting and warm. The first picture is so great, that door is awesome.
Unknown said…
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jelian jason said…
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