kitchens {clean + simple}

When it comes to kitchens, I love to keep it clean and simple. All of these kitchens remind me exactly why. Each one is like a breath of fresh air. Cooking dinner is my absolute favorite way to unwind and a clutter free sleek kitchen make the experience of connoting something elaborate all the better. 

(via d home magazine, dwell + elle decoration, and atlanta homes and lifestyles)


Anonymous said…
Stunning spaces but that first white kitchen is particularly appealing to me. Simply stunning! xx
Anna (My Design Ethos)
Julian Levi said…
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Janelle said…
The kitchen island with the wood "waterfall" is spectacular. Love that!
Ambyr said…
I'm surprisingly loving that second kitchen. All the brushed gold accents make the dark wood and minty green come together so nicely. Very modern retro.

Anonymous said…
I'm totally loving this!
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Ciao interior said…
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Unknown said…
Lovely! The marble in the first..Amazing and the mint kitchen..wowza The vent the light and the wrapped island!! LOVE IT!
Glass Doors said…
I admire all these designs - the marble, wooden and plain white kitchen.
Unknown said…
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analisa jain said…
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Erin said…
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