all washed out

This weekend I finally finished placing my furniture and hanging all my artwork. It took over a month, but my new place is finally is beginning to feel like home. I can now also, quite clearly, see what I am missing. I am craving a few clean lined pieces in washed out wood tones-- not a typical craving of mine but exactly what my new space needs to feel complete. 


Melissa Jackson said…
Thank you for the post, Greet! Very inspiring and great sources!
A Perfect Gray said…
craving the look of limed-, white washed wood, too. great picks. donna
Ambyr said…
That cocktail table is gorgeous. I love the legs and the super washed out look.

designchic said…
The bed is amazing!!
Love the legs on the coffee table! I am in serious bleached wood phase! Can't get enough!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger
jeremy said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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Patty Lunz said…
I would never leave my table looking this wonderful the panels on the doors have me in awe!!
Erin said…
Awesome to see those scene . Love those scene and admire your picture .
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