understated magic {tumbleweed tree}

No matter how many beautiful tree bows I see decked in glitter, garlands and glass ornaments, there has yet to be one to top this understated and magical tree, as my favorite. I first posted this tumbleweed Christmas tree in 2008, and definitely think it deserves to be re-posted! This tree was discovered in the lobby of the ever chic eco-boutique hotel, Hotel Terra, and was created by Jackson Hole artist Ben Roth.
You can learn more about this tree on the Hotel Terra blog. Do you have a favorite tree design/concept?


I've never seen anything like this before!
This is amazing but I'm such a sentimental person that I can't ever bring myself to have a non-traditional tree.
Robyn said…
Oh,I love that tree. It seems kind of magical and I like the contrast with the traditional arrangement on the table. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
awesome! i love it!:)
Alexa said…
I love how whimsical it looks! :)
Aida said…
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