The Perfect Holiday Gift {Friedeman Wines}

Today was a very exciting day, as a delivery arrived that said "Do not deliver to an intoxicated person." An odd warning, I know, but it happened to contain the first shipment of Friedeman Wine's 2011 Russian River Pinot Noir. This wine is the absolute brilliant concoction of two talented winemakers, my brother and sister-in-law, and just one of the offerings currently available from Friedeman Wines. All of their wines are incredibly special, sophisticated and a bit unexpected. That said, a membership to their wine club would be the perfect holiday gift!
And that is where my role in Friedeman Wines comes packaging. Over the past couple of days my mother and I have assembled and decked over 50 wine boxes to get ready for Christmas deliveries. A few hot glue gun burns later, this is how the packaging turned out...

If you would like to learn more about Friedeman Wines you can visit their facebook page or website.


The packaging strikes a perfect chord. Congratulations!

Are you as well from the Russian River Valley? I had been a designer there where I designed the launch opening of Villa Fiore, the mansion and tasting facility of Ferrari-Carano Winery in Healdsburg. Wolfgang Puck cooked that day. Sigh.

I relocaated to design an inn on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and haven't left.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes to you and yours,


Black Fox Manor Historic Inn
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Il Mare Atelier said…
The packaging is very nicely done! The green ribbon with the sparkly trim and brown box makes for a romantic feel!

Il Mare Atelier
Betty said…
Hello guys,
You have made a amazing post man .
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Robert Smith said…
Thank you very very much for your holiday gifting ideas

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