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I have to be honest, I really don't want anything for Christmas this year. I know, I know...everyone asking me for ideas groans at that answer, but it is true. However, if I did force myself to create a list of the little (Clare Vivier's new card case!) and not so little luxuries I am currently coveting, these pieces would all be on it.  These are also the perfect gifts for the design bloggers on your list. Maybe just make sure they have the space and like fuchsia, before splurging on the Organic Modernism Brass Leg Sofa!
1. Clare Vivier Card Case 2. Brass Trivet 3. Limited Edition of Rhapsody by Kelly Wearstler  4. Amana Brass Candlesticks 5. Heidi Merrick Beach Throw 6. Brass Leg Sofa from Organic Moderism


Ambyr said…
I love that sofa. I'm surprised how much I'd love that color in my house. It's a beautiful pop. The candle sticks are cool too.

Cool blog. The wine with lace arrangements and cartoon boxes, they one of the best gift or presents for this holiday season.
oh oh oh i want that clare vivier card case so bad!
Betty said…
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