Fresh {Mountain} Air

It was finally hat, scarf and mitten weather in Chicago today. And I loved it!  The crisp air and clear starry skies made me long for winter in the mountains. I know that some like it hot, when it comes to holiday getaways, but in my mind there is nothing more festive than frolicking in the snow, just to warm up by the fire. If you needed another reason to love mountain towns, I am pretty sure that these two spaces from ski town homes will entice you...
I am beyond crazy about the book matched Burma-teak marble in this bathroom and the way it  effortlessly pairs with the sleek lines of this waterworks tub.
And the shape of this table, along with the pair of rustic chandeliers are the perfect combination for an inviting mountain home!
(via Architectural Digest)


Ambyr said…
These are really pretty. I love cabin/mountain homes. They're so inviting and cozy with all the exposed wood.

I too live in Chicago and love the cold crisp air! What an outstanding mountain home! Love your blog!
Unknown said…
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Julye said…
So pretty !!!!
I love all the ideas!
Amazing one!
Betty said…
The second picture interior decoration are awesome .
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