always of the moment {organic polish}

As a design watcher my style constantly shifts, each time I am exposed to new sources, ideas and artisans. Every time I fall in love with a new look or style I am completely delighted, as I think it makes me a better observer of the industry and a more talented designer. Despite my growing appreciation for new styles and approaches, there is one that I will always come back to. It is a look I can only describe as organic polish--a mix of natural elements, neutral colors, a bit of whimsy and subtle touch of glitz and glamour.
 Not sure what I am talking about? A few interiors that completely embrace this aesthetic...
(via Sara StoryJean Louis Deniot, Kelly Wearstler, AD France and Homes and Gardens)


Sierra said…
I'm having a major love affair with those gold cabinets. So glamorous and chic!
omg Blair those cabinets are to die for! hope you have a fabulous weekend, darling!

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Couture Carrie said…
Love Kelly Wearstler!

Claudia Lane said…! Cx
Anonymous said…
Love these photos! Kelly Wearstler shared tons of design stuff on the Chalkboard Mag as Guest Editor:
Fabulous! I too love this look, such subtle sophistication with just the right amount of glam! Those barstools are fantastic! Also, I have never seen Kelly Wearstler's storefront and no surprise there, it is magnificent. Thanks for sharing. Beth
Lovely said…
These interior space are looks awesome .
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