Giving Thanks!

I am going to sign off until Monday but first wanted to pop in to give thanks. I am thankful for  many things in my life. I feel especially lucky for the creative opportunities I have been given in the past year and the wonderful support of my friends, peers, family and delight by design readers as I pursued those opportunities (particularly the launch of Blair Friedeman Design.) As readers, you have no idea how much each comment and email I receive means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
This is a photo of one last version of the look I considered for this years table - I loved the textural contrast of the gilt nuts and feathers. If you missed it -- this was the design I decided on and this is another one I considered. 


The Egg said...

thank YOU for all the daily inspirations.
you are one talented chica

xo the egg out west.

Caroline Boneham said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! : ) Also, how did you do the menus? I love them! Are they printed? Which fonts are those?

Blair Friedeman said...

Yes! They are printed on Kraft paper and the fonts are conspired lover and fredrik a the greatest. Happy Thanksgiving.

u.kalyani said...

Thanks for so much love you share through you blogs. i lve them

Vong Chong said...

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Robert Smith said...

I enjoyed reading your post thanks for sharing it