craving {geometric gems}

A friend's 4 year old daughter informed me that she started a christmas list...so I thought it was fair game to start mine, no? Ok, maybe not. I tend to not let myself even start thinking about Christmas until I have had my turkey and pumpkin tirimasu fix. However my craving for brass, bronze and gilt geometric pieces just won't wait...


Ambyr said...

I really like the acrylic tables and the geometric garland. They're modern but still could mix with a bunch of different styles.


zafar said...

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deleite said...

I think you are doing well starting your christmast list, I always have one.Believe me it´s better for a lot of things, for example to avoid refunds, lies (when you dislike one of your gifts and have to say that it´s exactly what you was looking for), and for make things easily to the otherones.
I specially like your second choice. Good luck!