cozying up {whimsical wool}

I have never been a huge fan of wool -- I typically associate it with itchy winter sweaters. However, after seeing these elegant pieces I regret ever saying a negative word about this staple winter fabric. 


I have seen lots of cute wool hats/fedoras lately and I really am wanting one. Love your finds!
Doris said…
I was like you.... then a few years ago a friend started collecting wool from Garage Sales and has made some beautiful things! I like your finds!
Ambyr said…
I kind of need all of this. At first I was thinking- I LOVE that skirt. But then, the blanket is such pretty colors. And then, the lamp shade- how freaking cool.

The Felt Store said…
Great finds for wool! We can't help but be a little biased about it since we love wool products but we are really into the natural aesthetic that is incorporated into fashion and home decor.
It feels like winter! (hence the fact that it is still summer here, mosquitoes are biting and we still try to find ways to cool up a bit!) :-)
Vidya said…
Nice collection! just what I need now :)
Couture Carrie said…
What a great skirt!

Hope you're having a fab weekend, darling!

Lauren Koncerak said…
That is such a great bag! I love the different textures.


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