dazzling, indeed!

Today I received a beautifully wrapped and unexpected package that contained Amanda Nisbet's new book, Dazzling Design. Dazzling (and inspiring) it is!  The work showcased in the book reinforced her fresh, daring and never dull aesthetic. I was particularly fond of the images that feautured her fearless use of plum, gilt and gloss...
And the way she made me fall back in love with lucite...
I highly recommend you pick up a copy -- I know it will be my new inspirational reference, especially when it comes to color!


Another book to add to my list- this looks like an inspiring one! I am obsessed with the lucite chairs in that dining room.
Ambyr said…
All these chairs are insane. Such gorgeous colors and unique shapes. I really love the contrasting print on the backs too.

i need to get her book. Her personality is just as poppy as her designs. i am really getting into colors and she really has mastered the art of daring, fresh colorful designs
Wedding dresses said…
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Callie Grayson said…
WOW, absolutely stunning! Loving how she uses colour and the lucite on the end table is so pretty!
I will have to add her book to my library
Vong Chong said…
These are amazes to me reason these are looks wonderful .
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