in the weeds

I can't keep a house plant alive for over a week---so as you can imagine I never think to use them as a home decor accent. However, I do love the whimsy they add to this much so that I may just buy a watering can!  I am serious! As much as I love my succulents, that thrive on neglect, I also crave the texture and drama more high maintenance plants add to formal + over the top spaces.

(via world of interiors)


Thanks to a wonderful blog.
It is very nice interior.
Room was for a narrow Japanese houses are spacious and such, I'm jealous.
Japan is autumn. I am also a painful season.
I love the Japanese, but this autumn.
Please search the Kyoto, Japan on a PC.
Autumn is a very bright red leaves in Kyoto.
Friend of Japan, Ryoma Sakamoto.
I'm sorry I was wrong spell.
Callie Grayson said…
Gorgeous interiors. I have a wonderful outside garden, so I don't understand why I can't keep a house plant alive either. They all die! Seriously!
I wish I could place a fiddle leaf in the living room but I am afraid to waste such good money on something I know I will kill off....
But these interiors really make me want to try again.
David King said…
Your decoration is mind blowing , Man .
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Robert Smith said…
I am so much impressed by watching this decoration.

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