keeping it simple

After a hectic day nothing helps me unwind more than making an overly complicated dinner in a perfectly simple kitchen. Today has been an especially busy one and this sleek minimalist kitchen would be the perfect setting to concoct one of my typically overly ambitious entrees (which usually involves homemade pasta and a huge mess.)


Unknown said…
I really love simple and minimalistic kitchens and these open shelves! I love that this kitchen incorporates natural elements too!
Annie said…
I loooove that sink!
R&NB said…
I wish my kitchen was this uncluttered. And bright! That beautiful sunlight is a great antidote for morning blues!
Oh my, all that natural light and those windows... bliss!
Wilkinson said…
We completely agree with all the other commenters - love the minimal, open design of this kitchen. The dark cabinets are a great contrast to the white and light wood shelves.
I'd surely could cook anything in this gorgeous kitchen Blair. have a fabulous weekend, darling!

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