g-force {grand + gorgeous}

I have never been a "purple person," yet the way this energetic color is mixed with crisp white in this grand and gorgeous living space has completely changed my mind. Vibrant plum is used so perfectly through this entire room - from the leading edge of the drapes, the geometric pattern on the rug to the stripe on the skirted table. Complete bliss...

(vía nuevo estilo)


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Splenderosa said…
Blair, love this too. Purple reign!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, that's a seriously grand space in every sense of the word! Purple velvet, white tufted sofas, that amazing rug, the gloriously architectural walls... (Sigh) Amazing x
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Smriti said…
Ah, purple is used so cleverly in this room! Loving this look :)
wow amazing pops of purple! have a nice day, darling!

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KhaOula Kasmi said…
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