DIY: Drop Cloth Tablecloth

A couple of weeks ago I set out on a mission to make a chic tablecloth from a painter's drop cloth, as many of the standard sizes perfectly cover round tabletops and serve as beautiful runners for rectangular ones. The only other materials I needed were fabric paint and painter's tape. It was not only an easy and inexpensive project but a very quick one. If you would like to make your own, here is how. Start by penciling out the desired pattern on to the cloth. Just a little tip: for scale purposes, it helps to lay the cloth out on the table you intend for it to cover. Once the pattern has been penciled in, tape off the area you wish to be negative space.
 Then paint the exposed areas. Be very careful around the edges of the painters tape - it is best to make brush strokes away from the tape to ensure no bleeding occurs.
 Let the paint dry, pull the tape off and voila! 
Stay tuned! Up next is the way I styled this table up for a perfect fall fete! 


Great idea! I bet the painters cloths are an inexpensive way for a really large cloth.. I'm always looking for big ones!
Unknown said…
love this DIY! Such a simple process and the result is amazing!
Ashley said…
I actually had the supplies all purchased to do this very same project this weekend! Your final results are lovely.
Unknown said…
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Robert Smith said…
The color combination was really so pretty
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