home crush {bolts of bold}

This is one boldly designed home, making it a wonderful source for inspiration. I would never personally replicate this same level of intensity in a room design, yet will absolutely look to these spaces for ideas when I am looking to take the energy of a space up a notch or two. The styling of these shelves is incredible - the eclectic mix of items and colors create the perfect backdrop for a casual and welcoming living space.
And starting right now I am going to collect perfume bottles so I can display them floor to ceiling, like in this bathroom..
And I am just crazy about this color palette, particularly the azure blue with the electric lemon yellow. Amazing how a design element, such as a throw can really pull a space together.  
And I just really really want these chairs!!!

And for the most over the top of the rooms, this look is DARING! I don't think I could pull off mixing ALL of these elements together but would absolutely consider adding a hot pink lamp shade, kelly green welt cord or bright yellow side tables for a bolt of color in a neutral space. 
(via AD Espana)
Could you add these bold hues to your home, in smaller doses? 


Tiffany Leigh said…
LOVE those hot pink lampshades. I think the main problem I see in many people's home today is that they 'play it safe', but too a fault. Why not have some fun and playfulness with decor?! Great post.
Unknown said…
I'm pretty much freaking about about how well those bookshelves are styled. Love love love!
OMG I love all of these. We are in the process of getting our first home and it's pictures like these that are driving me through the headaches of it all! I love the first room. I could totally see it in my home. I could also definitely draw from all of these for inspiration in every room!
Unknown said…
Love the bookshelves, the yellow/blue combo and the wall of perfume bottles!
I love all that yellow, it's so electrifying!!
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K. said…
I really like the bookshelf!
Ambyr said…
I love how that last, bright room just works. Each piece is so unique and bold and it looks so classy and clean. I really like the florr to ceiling shelving too.

{Two One Nine} said…
That perfume collection! Looks so amazing displayed in a bathroom like that. I'm also a little obsessed with that yellow bed, and the yellow and black side tables in the last pic!

Delphine said…
beautiful interior! ;)
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This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.
Lee said…
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