design crush {collins interiors}

 Kind of crazy about these two spaces by Collins Interiors, both are the breath of fresh air that I need to get through the mid week work hump! I love the gray backsplash tiles, shade fabric, lantern wall fixtures and pretty much everything about this kitchen...
 And now that I work mainly from home I have a whole new appreciation for home offices and am kind of lusting for this one to be mine. How amazing is that chair!?!


What a wonderful looking space - love the light around the desk (great desk). I am redoing some lower/terrace level space and this is inspirational.
LOVE the kitchen.
and I own that lucite chair! It's fun- though definitely not an 8 (more like 10-12) hour a day work chair.
Ambyr said…
I love all the white in the kitchen. It feels so inviting and like I need to be in there cooking, making a mess! These arched french doors are so beautiful.

Love, love, love the soft colors!
Unknown said…
That kitchen is beyond! I love the grey subway tile and white cabinetry.
How2home said…
Wow that kitchen looks phenomenal. The choice of backsplash really compliments with the kitchen. Simple but very chic!
Unknown said…
Collins Interiors (www.collins-interiors) really appreciates your post about us! we thank you for noticing our work! beautiful blog! thanks so much.
What an elegant window design. Flesh color theme complements yellow colored curtains and windows.
Amazing!Feels so bright and fresh!Great style!The kitchen is absolutely fantastic!
I was pleasantly surprised to find so many pieces that were a great combination of color and pattern like the photo you shared here.
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Jacky said…
Looks extreme these interior design .

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