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Knowing full well that I may sound like a broken record -- one of the key elements to making a room truly special are the details, especially unique ones. This office area is the perfect example of that! It is full of unexpected treatments - from the window treatments featuring four contrasting fabrics and unique tiebacks to the tri-tone walls that make the molding hard to miss!
(interior design by Judi Mills Grossman, as featured in the Fall 2012 Chicago Home + Garden/photography by Nathan Kirkman)
Also love the way she utilized the narrow space alongside the fireplace and the beautiful mix of amber and gray tones.


Yeah, it's a really interesting space. I love the colors - subtle but unusual.
Callie Grayson said…
Gorgeous space! Love the wee bit of pale bluefish grey. And that strong punch of orange
Little details may it be small or not makes a space look different from others. It gives personality to the space.
Hannah said…
The desk is an amazing mix of the classic wood and the modern metal. I am absolutely in love with it. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog
mikky said…
The colours in this room are so fantastic. Love how they paired that shock of orange with the light blue vases. Really stunning room. And of course I had to pin it!

Ambyr said…
I love all the trimming details on the walls. It's very elegant and chic. I also love that white chair!

Love that sweet place!The details are great!The rug is my favorite!
Elie Saab is also one of my favorite designers. This subtle print is so romantic. I like that this room is using heavier fabric but still has a simple, elegant feel.
Bella said…
Everybody'll like such interior design .
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