mobile inspiration

Although I am having a beyond amazing vacation, the one thing that I do miss is my workspace filled with my favorite images and product samples. However, before leaving home I did take some photos of some of my favorite palettes and looks to serve as mobile inspiration.

Do any of you have the same attachment to your workspace!?


ODonDesign said…
Wow, this would inspire anyone. It's so cool to see so many of the same items that I have used and drooled over too! Great taste.
Callie Grayson said…
Unfortunitalty no! I have no personal items or creative things at my work space. I place all my palettes in a drawer. My home office space, however is creative and I am constantly finding new inspiration to place on my wall boards.
WHAT is the yellow and blue fabric in the first shot?? It is amazing!!!
Ambyr said…
I love all the jewel tones you use for inspiration. Such great purples and blues.

Susanna said…
Your blog is VERY VERY inspiring, beautiful and just awesome! I love it :)

Happy summer! Great fabrics! I love all of the color palettes! I loved keeping up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger
If my space looked this gorgeous and inspiring, I'd miss it too! When I finish school maybe!
Have a great holiday!
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Bella said…
Really i'm inspire to see these .

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