a magical mix

I am rarely at a complete loss for words. I don't think any commentary I could write about this home would do it justice, other that "wow" -- which I uttered with each new shot I admired! Every room has a magical quality that I have always longed for in a home. Perhaps it is the amazing high ceilings paired with those windows? Or the arches through the home? The basalt counter and walls in the kitchen? The whimsical + rustic staircase? I honestly cannot pick just one element.
Truly one of the more amazing and inspiring spaces I have seen for a while, do you agree?


BoogieW said…
Wow, I can´t breath! That house is amazing. When the house is beside the sea or lake, it is something special! I´m gonna faint when I look that living room and those windows and.... Thanks for sharing!
Love, Boogie W from boogiewgarden.blogspot.com Finland
Kebra said…
Loving the chevron brick floor in the garden. So beautiful!

- Kebra

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Victoria said…
Every room in this home is stunning...the soaring living room, unique ceiling beams, staircase, ocean view, all that light. Is it in California?
Anonymous said…
You are right. Gorgeous at every turn. Inspiring!
Maria said…
This house is stunning! The walls of windows and the dramatic staircase - everything is just so beautiful, thank you so much for posting this!
Diogo Ferreira said…
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Ambyr said…
"Wow" is the perfect description of this home. That amazing view makes it even better, if that's possible. I really love the loft above the kitchen.

What a beautiful home. The mixture of natural and modern touches really makes these spaces visually dynamic and stunning. The white furniture makes a statement, I think even a few colored pillows could change the mood, from season to season, if desired.

Just wonderful!
Anonymous said…
It looks like St Tropez....
How2home said…
wow this home is beyond stunning, especially the chevron walk way....its so eye catching!
Those images are amazing!! I would love to see this place in person! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Jamie
Just breathtaking!!!!


Jamie Herzlinger
decoguy said…
Wow thanks for the post, im so please to see such a breath taking house. the structure, detail, and texture in it is just stunning!
ivy said…
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Erin said…
The first scene is more mind blowing .
Robert Smith said…
WOW! How gorgeous! I am loving these all. The first view was just mind-blowing.
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