shimmering shagreen

Honestly, a year ago I couldn't tell you what shagreen was or what it looked like. However, as of late I cannot stop thinking about it and admiring the beautiful texture it gives each and every piece it touches. I especially love the rough luxe look it creates when paired with the glimmer gold.


Ashley said…
Fabulous. I wouldn't mind if one or all of these pieces made their way to my house...
I just learned what that was called! ;) Thanks for the lesson. Gorgeous items!
Callie Grayson said…
I love shagreen, it truly is gorgeous. I was jut looking at a gorgeous piece last night that was a beautiful light coral colour
A few years back Target had faux shagreen lamps that I'm still not forgiving myself for passing them up.
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Aodhnait said…
Looks like a beautiful material...i will investigate further!
Jane said…
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