more beautiful bits

While, I am on the topic a few more beautiful bits of black, both  indoors and out...

(Aerin Lauders' Mountain Home via This is glamorous, lovely outdoor sitting area via Mark Sikes, painted door via sara story design,entrance via nuevo estilo)


Tatiana Doria said…
I´m loving black anywhere!!
Ada (new york) said…
That bird design on the door is soooo unique! Funny, I just saw another blog that an sheep as decor indoors as well ... hmmm, a 'trend' now ? :) Either way ... unique .. so I LOVE! Have a GREAT weekend.
elissa said…
it's official: my home needs a black accent wall. this must happen.
design elements said…
beautiful especially the last space. Happy Monday!

I really believe that this unique passage is a nice write-up! Keep doing what you're doing!
Ambyr said…
I love black and gold as bold accent colors. This houses have a beautiful masculine feel but still doing look completely like a bachelor pad.

Jo said…
The peacock door is divine!
oh yes, I'm kind of obsessed with black too. love it on the walls! hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry
Each and every corner of this home are just fabulous. The flower verse is really looking descent and gorgeous. I especially like the peacock door as it is really very unique and eye catching.
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Robert Smith said…
Loving these awesome decorations. Really so beautiful. Thanks

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