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 I typically start my day with a cup of coffee + pinterest, I am a self proclaimed pinning addict. However, I do have to say that there is something about a  physical pinboard that can never truly be replicated. Long before I started blogging I would tear pages out of fashion and shelter magazines and make collages of color palettes and looks that I loved. Today I was determined to get away from the computer for a bit and create this new pinboard (with some scrap Celerie Kemble for Schumacher fabric) for my home office. And what I pinned...

Do you still keep a real pinboard or has pinterest completely replaced it?


I start my days the same way!!! I love Pinterest!!! But, if I had a pretty office space & the creativity, I would totally make physical inspiration boards. Never too late to start right?!
I have both! Might as well, right?
Wow, some quite inspirational combos :)) Keep it up!

Callie Grayson said…
I do both! I just love magazines and ripping them apart. Pinterst is perfect for on the go and find inspiration really fast for projects.
Unknown said…
pinterest has completely replaced mine x
Ambyr said…
I love all the mixing of colors and prints on your board. Currently I have Pinterest but I haven't completely gotten obsessed. I'm actually wanting to create a huge pinboard to go in my room.

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I'm hooked on pinning, although I still have a beautiful box full of lots of pretty pictures. Its nice just to look at pictures on my comfy lounge without logging on.

Do love all your pictures.
Flor de Lisboa said…
i surrended to Pintrest… shame on me…
paula said…
love this! I still have a real pinboard that I adore. Sometimes the computer just has to take a rest in order for me to find inspiration.
Suzana said…
These pin are awesome and better for pin .

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