Inspirational Hierarchy + Crossing the Barriers

Lately when I come across an image I have to ask myself  "do I pin, tweet or blog it?" I have to admit it can be exhausting trying to decide how to categorize the images that inspire me. Is there a hierarchy? Is blogging a higher seal of inspirational approval than a 140 character tweet? I am very curious to hear your feedback! In the mean time I thought I would try to cross the barriers and blog about an image I recently pinned...
I love the casual layered look of this affair. It can easily be recreated in your own backyard by following a few simple guidelines. I especially love the lucite and brass candlesticks!


I'm exhausted just thinking about the pin vs tweet vs blog option! Haha. Your guess is as good as mine, I always have the same debate in my head! I do love this table setting though. Those gold plates are gorgeous!
Kathryn Cumming said…
A quilt as a table cloth is such a great idea... simple to do, but creates such a big impact.
I blog, pin, tweet, put in on Facebook, Jux, Flickr, Goggle+ and on Polyvore. Only some clicks on the Icons and it's done.
Jessie said…
I love this tablescape. Those candle holders are to die for!
O Celeiro 1 said…
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Ambyr said…
This is such a great question. Blogging should be your most organic medium. If everyone else is talking about it, pin or tweet it. That way you're acknowledging that you like it or are inspired by it but that you don't need to explain for the millionth time like everyone else. Pinning vs tweeting- if the image speaks for itself or you just "like" it, than pin it. If it need explanation or a key part of the picture sparks your interest, tweet it. Or both. Not everyone's on both mediums. My blog, twitter and pinterest are 3 totally different vibes for the most part.
(hi- can you tell I do social media for a job- overload) lol

shannon said…
Having just "launched" my own blog, and entering the world of Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I've been thinking about the same! I agree with Ambyr--and also think that the blog space is like a longer, more thoughtful chat over a cup of coffee...Twitter is perhaps a Starbucks to go...and Pinterest is a shot of espresso at the coffee bar! (Can you tell I'm still craving my morning caffine?). Love your blog...really like how you translate your images into "real life" options!

Contempo Wall said…
that's such a pastoral scene! Makes me excited for summer!
A Perfect Gray said…
lordy. love this look. saving it as inspiration... now do pin it, blog it or tweet it??? donna
elissa said…
so many options when remembering inspiration! i usually pin the items i want to refer back to, blog the really good stuff and tweet my random thoughts. seems to work alright for me until the next social media platform comes along, of course!
It's really hard to choose.
Great photo!Love the tablecovering!
Joyce R. Bleau said…
The table cloth is excellent so looks more nice this decoration and the place is also quiet.
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