beautiful distraction {stylish space saver}

Just as I sat down to finish a post I saw that the new issue of TRADHome went live. So of course I couldn't help but get distracted (typical) and get sucked in by the lovely interiors. The second annual issue of this collaboration between Traditional Home and Lonny is nothing short of incredible. I was especially inspired by this wonderfully chic space saving bar. I love the mirrored details Christina Murphy added to the doors and the graphic pattern peaking through from the bar backsplash. I am not sure I could decide whether to keep the doors open or closed -- it would look beautiful either way.
If you are curious what other images in the issue inspired me you can see them over here on my pinterest page!


mlle.b said…
I love the wet bar! Now you see it, now you don't... and it's beautiful both ways :)
The bar is the wallpaper at the back of the bar, and the stylized mirrored doors. Lovely.
Very creative.......I'd keep the doors. Warm wishes.
Ambyr said…
The mirrored doors are amazing. I like the detailing on them. It kind of makes you want to peek behind them to see what they 'hold'.

ZedPea said…
Ah, to have a bar like that in my home... Just imagine the stylish parties?!
Callie Grayson said…
This is such a wonderful space, with the crowning glory going to that hidden bar. I love the textiles throughout the space, great mix of animal and botanical.
Md Sumon said…
Very fantastic and i'm glad to see this .
Yes, the design is quite delightful. I love the design of the sofa specially.

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