Balancing Act {Fresh Rustic Modern}

Balance, it is that magical moment when juxtaposing styles, mix of materials and design concepts converge to create a lovely and livable space. It is very hard to achieve an every person has there own notion of how a balanced room looks and feels. I saw this home earlier today and unlike so many rooms I am inspired by I can usually find one element that I would remove or one I would add. Am I the only one that does that red marker test? Anyways, I am getting off track. This home is one where I would not change one single thing--from the styling, impeccable scale to the fresh and unpretentious way that designer, Allison Bloom, mixed rustic style with modern lines and contemporary furnishings.
(all images from the portfolio of Dehn Bloom Design)
What are your thoughts on balance? Tips to achieve them?


Beautiful home! I love it. Balance can be tough to achieve I think. One tip is that everything in the room should not be new, nor should everything be old. Mix it up!
Il Mare Atelier said…
I'm amazed at the balance in style achieved in this home. The use of neutrals is the key here it seems. Thank you so much for sharing!

Unknown said…
Beautiful! I always loved modern style homes, but then I also loved the rough and homey feeling of rustic homes, I couldn't decide which I loved more. I think this is the perfect blend of the two. I'm going to have to do this balancing act!
PP said…
Very Nice, I loved this styles of room design

It's warm and Beautiful
Tatiana Doria said…
I really enjoy your blog! You always have incredible interiors. Although I barely ever comment I just wanted to tell you that I have you on my blogroll ever since I started!
Justin said…
Great looking home! The home decor is very well done. I really like the branches on the table as well. I've got lighted branches that I got from World to Home in my house. It's nothing crazy but it brings a nice touch.
Ashley said…
Oh, this home is so fantastic. This home feels composed, collected and edited beautifully.
Ada (new york) said…
No red marker over here either .... I also LOVE it all! Great finds!
Ranzel said…
Thank you so much for sharing! My my! We so have the same taste in design! I'm a college student, currently taking BS Interior Design! You're blog is very inspirational! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Gives me hope to start my (interior design) blog! God bless! Keep sharing!
Diane said…
Such a beautiful place!I also love the branches too!
qifei2012 said…
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Anonymous said…
nice idea.. thanks for sharing.
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Locika said…
These interior space decoration are gorgeous .
Robert Smith said…
Wow! What a lovely decorated house. I love it. Thanks a lot

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