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I love the current trend of neutrals paired with bold electric colors, especially when those neutrals are paired with beautifully bold hermes orange...
(via  Decorate Clare Vivier and scanned from town and country)


Oh yes, this shade of orange paired with white is gorgeous! That bathroom is amazing! xx
I'd worry about all that gold getting tarnished in the shower!
Ambyr said…
That bright tangerine colored shower curtain is amazing. I love how contemporary it feel in the rustic bathroom.

Karena said…
Blair that bath is amazing, I love the shots of gold with the tangerine!

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Art by Karena
I love the orange curtain and the bag ... loooove! I have a beige upholstered dining table bench that I painted an ORANGE stripe on ... to give it a visual wow statement. It's a happy color :)
Chic Coles said…
We really like this trend also.
Amanda Daniels said…
I love your blog!! I actually put a link to it on my own blog entry Thanks for inspiring me with your great sense of style!

Unknown said…
Love the bag! So cute!
sarwar said…
nice work keep it up
Suzanne said…
How excellent these . Glad to see .

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