showing a little {snake} skin

Almost time to trade in the little black dress for a little white one! This Paul & Joe dress is a stunning choice for spring and the perfect blank palette to showcase spring fashion trends. I love the way that snakeskin pops against white, especially when tinged with bold colors (acid green. magenta and azure blue!)


Callie Grayson said…
Ooh. I am all for that shiny silver bag!
Ambyr said…
I love that they're mixing in all the neons with the silver and grey snake skins. I need a few similar pieces for spring!

Just picked up some pythonesque shoes. Love snakeskin!
Peak Rainey said…
my boss just got those snake louboutins.. unreal. love the sunglasses!
What a cute outfit this would be! Loving those pumps. I am so excited it is nearly time to bring out our minidresses! :)


All Fab! Thanks for the eye candy! Have a great weekend!
I love the pumps .... $1100 though (yikes), need to start saving up for ti :)
Lindsay said…
Very pretty this sunglass .
Robert Smith said…
These snake skin stuffs are looking so beautiful.

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