the new {washed out} nautical

 I briefly lived in Boston and distinctly remember, prior to the move, being excited to use the very classic coastal color story of reds and blue. I embraced those colors for an entire year but now my dream seaside dwelling would be washed in white with fresh pops of sea glass inspired colors. I love the classic look of this home with its little hints of glamour, lovely lighting and occasional modern furnishings.
(boston home magazine)


That living room is one of the most beautiful, serene spaces I've ever seen. I'm head over heels in love! Thanks for sharing!
all amazing images! I love the lights in the second photo, absolutely beautiful. I love everything about the last photo! Beach retreat! Thanks for the inspirations!
I love the blue chair in the entry echoing the blue door. Very pretty...looks like Nantucket.
The living room in the first picture is just gorgeous. I'm swooning over those chandeliers. x Sharon
I so much like this washed out nautical! Very summery!
Ambyr said…
The blue pops so well in these rooms. I like the exposed white beams in the first room, it's rustic but modern. Great inspiration.

economic said…
the new {washed out} nautical
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the new {washed out} nautical
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Splenderosa said…
Just lovely, Blair. All of them.
Big hug....
Lauren said…
This house is just stunning and so calming.
Ijeoma said…
What a beautiful post! Pure awesomeness!!
Anonymous said…
Love these beautiful
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Kellie said…
How beautiful and lovely photography and these decoration are stunning .
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Cathy said…
Really delightful decoration. I love the off-white colour combination specially.
Robert Smith said…
Oh my god! I am in love with these stunning decorative rooms.
Rustam said…
I wish I could have this decorated room!!!

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