loving {outdoor mirrors}

With the weather continuing to heat up I have been thinking quite a bit about outdoor decor (more posts on that soon!) but it wasn't until I saw these images I had really given much thought to outdoor mirrors. They add a layer of sophistication to any outdoor space...
(via style at home and amanda nisbet)


Great images! I never really thought about mirrors outside, but these totally changed my mind! Love these inspirations!
Shauna said…
My dad has some mirrors hanging on his fence behind/in his gardens...its look awesome.
oh yes, they look gorgeous! hope you have a wonderful weekend, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry
Peak Rainey said…
These pictures are stunning... I love Amanda Nisbet's work. How creative is the placement of all of those mirrors? Love it, thanks for sharing.
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Jane said…
Better design . Love your decoration and i admire your post .
Robert Smith said…
Great post! I m love visiting your blog...i will come back soon.

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