happy {party planning} weekend!

It is gorgeous out today and I can only hope that this lasts through the weekend! The weather (and these images) has my mind reeling with ideas for fabulous spring fetes...
(via 100 layer cake, paul raeside and alison events)
Have a lovely weekend!


varda's jewelry said…
What a dining place, and the
ceiling with those chandeliers... Gorgeous.
Good heavens....this is out of my best dreams!!!!
Chic Coles said…
these images are so beautiful. The first barn image with the seating is fantastic. Have a great weekend.
Ambyr said…
I'm in love with the last photo of the table. Such a simple and cute way to label the tables.

That barn is incredible!
michelle said…
love the chandeliers - they are simply stunning. The Design Fairy x
Wow! That first foto... I better pin it!
fric and frac said…
Love all of these images - those green chairs and the table # with the bay leaves are fantastic!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, these are all so beautiful. I wish we weren't going into colder weather here in Sydney
gorgeous pictures!! love it :)
Victoria Mische said…
I have to admit that overall I'm really impressed with this particular site especially on the table settings! what a lovely day!
Lucia Flores said…
Great blog! Very inspirational! Me=following :D!

XXX Lucia

modernplum said…
Love the idea of a barn or other unusual space being used for an event. It makes the experience seem extra special. Do you know where this party is located?
oh my those chandeliers!

House and Life said…
Love the barn, dreamy!!!!
sarwar said…
nice work keep it up
Lianna said…
those green chairs and chandliers over that dinning table is heaven! love it!
It's a great party planning . I appreciate your planning .
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Robert Smith said…
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