bathed in a {golden} glow

Last week I was in Ann Sacks and absolutely fell head over heels in love with Michael Smith's gilt tile. I eagerly asked the cost of this magical tile and of course it was not (and probably will never be) in my price range. Ok, maybe a bathroom covered floor to ceiling in gold would be just slightly over the top but still who wouldn't want to unwind at the end of a long day submerged in a bathtub with a golden glow being cast being over you?! day perhaps! However, until then I would be elated to just have a little hint of gold in my bathroom in the form of a lovely mirror...

(images via michael smith, scanned from architectural digest, grant gibson and marie claire maison)


Well, I am also love with gilt tile. This bathroom is looking so much beautiful. I also want to decorate my bathroom in same way. So can you give some more ideas.
Luna said…
Personally, just a touch of gold is perfect. I like photo 2.
Peak Rainey said…
umm.. that tile is to DIE for. I have an obsession with gold fixtures but gold tile on the floor/wall/ceiling would be heaven. Love that pic - thank you!
Ambyr said…
I love how the gold in the bathroom has such a soft, welcoming feel. Like sunlight's hitting the room just perfectly!

Tiina A said…
I love that bathroom in the last pic!
The layout is perfect, the rough wall is great and the framed mirror gorgeous.

Unknown said…
What warm glowy colors! So comforting. Thanks.
ahhh....your post title could not be more perfect...bathed in a golden glow...beautiful!
sarwar said…
nice work keep it up
Michael said…
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Lily O'Donovan said…
Golden color always looks glamorous .
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