tickled pink!

I cannot even begin to tell you how tickled I am to be included in the current One Kings Lane Design-Blogger Tastemaker Sale!  It is so much fun and incredibly flattering to watch the items I picked get snatched up! I thought a few pops of pink would be an appropriate way to celebrate the current blush all the excitment has placed my cheeks!
(images via plush palate, pinterest and 100 layer cake)


That door is so cute!
Sara Luxe Vida said…
Beautiful images, pink id such a happy color, really livens up anything and everything.
Anonymous said…
Great pics:) I love your blog..so much good inspiration. I wish you a lovely week.
LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se
Ambyr said…
Seriously, that bright pink front door is too amazing. I need to paint mine! I'm very happy for you and the tastemaker experience. You did great.

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That little skirt is adorable! Digging the door, too!
I just love a hint of pink or any pop of it in a "silent" kind of environment. :D Even everything is in white, when a pop of pink just shows up, it makes the whole look cute. :D
Couture Carrie said…
That crochet skirt is amazing!

may said…
how cute skit!I'm very happy for you and the tastemaker experience.
Promosyon said…
So sweet skirt.I like this pink color in all different things like pillow covers and trees flowers.
Starving CPA said…
Where did you find the skirt? I love it. Please do tell
Nina Vydrova said…
I WANT THAT SKIRT!! So beautiful.
Suzanne said…
The first picture room decoration looks spanking .

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