event inspiration {spring fling}

I got home from work today and was actually able to take the dogs for a little jaunt before the sun went down! It was delightful to have the additional hour of sunlight and be reminded that spring was approaching. It put me in the mood for fresh playful colors...

(via maggie austin cake, 100 layer cake, once wed and tec petaja)


Callie Grayson said…
I know, I love that the days are longer and that I got home to walk the pup in the day light before heading to yoga.
Pretty post!
That cake is a little slice of heaven! Love it!
type.write said…
This is beautiful!
ps I love you blog, so creative and inspiring.

Anonymous said…
The days are beginning to lengthen in Japan.

I can't wait for coming spring!
Suzanne said…
I'm inspire to see your post guys .

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