a classic twist

I love the classics--movies, fashion, manners and colors. There is not a color combination more classic than red, white and blue. Add a contemporary twist and it can be instantly transformed from preppy to clean and modern...


Sierra said…
I love these colors paired together - navy blue is so nautical and gorgeous at the same time!
Mariya Sharif said…
Thank you for your lovely blog - I so very much enjoy your style combinations and could so often just grab the pieces and be on my merry way!! The classic nautical colors with a hint of spring sky blue are so relevant for this time of year as we start to consider spring.....
love it! I don't have many blue things, but I have to admit it looks gorgeous. hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling! xo
Solana James said…
I love that beaded chandelier and the color combo is pretty great too!
Ambyr said…
I love mixing reds or oranges with navy. It's very classic and chic.

mikky said…
her outfit is nice, love the shade of blue in her shoes and the shade of red in her bag,she looks chic, but what I love is that chandelier! Jen from Madebygirl had one like this in her home in vegas and I always drooled over those photos!
Have a nice day.
ANH Style said…
Red, white and blue is one of my favorite color combinations- be it the Fourth of July or twenty-fourth of February.
houses said…
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Unknown said…
love your inspiration from Alexa Chung!
milly @
Your post amazes to me guy .

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