bewitching jewels

Just like the precious gems for which these hues are named, jewel tones are full of bewitching beauty and exude luxury. When they are layered upon each other the look is nothing short of sensational.
(room designed by Miles Redd, street style from London fashion week, vignette from House Beautiful and Schumacher fabric)


key tag printing said...

Very nice use of color. I wish i could put together a colorful room like that with it still looking harmonious.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Great colour - I wish I had the personality to dress my home in bright colours, but alas it is just not me.
Warm regards

Johanna - Taloja ja Toiveita said...

I love love love the colour combination in the bigger picture! But I'm such a chicken to use this in house. I have purple and fuchsia in my living room and it feels already too much... Maybe I just don't have the talent to do this kind of great color mixtures.

Liza Wibisono said...

lovely colors!


living room sets said...

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Thank you!

Callie Grayson said...

That office area is just perfect! Loving the mint drapery with the purple lamp! Trying to inject these colours into my home right now

Ambyr said...

These colors are amazing. I'm really loving purples and greens lately.


Natasha Simpson * said...

I'm loving that room by Miles Redd. The combination of all the colours is amazing and they all work so well together!

I. G. R. said...

Amazing colours... they remind me of Summer... wish it would be here soon. Lovely Eugenia as well.
Your blog is delicious.
Hugs from Llanes, Spain.

Grace B. Valerio said...

How gorgeous looking . A lot of thanks .