current cravings {rouge + aqua}

I saw this shirt and my jaw dropped. As much as I love the the sweet feminine sleeves it was the colors that really made me stop in my tracks!

(milly shirt, rab labs coaster and hermes altai blanket)


Gorgeous! I want that shirt!
Oooh! I really like the deep reddish pink. These colors are so pretty together.
Wow,This shirt look so fabulous.I really like this shirt sleeve.Color combinations are so gorgeous.
Ambyr said…
I want those coasters!!

Love the pairing of that sleeve with that pattern. Adorable!
Anonymous said…
Love the tie dye shirt I just made a bunch for my little sisters birthday party. My hand were dyed for a week.
Shauna said…
Pituli Casado said…
Me encanta la combinaciĆ³n de colores, llena de vida
Smith, Here! said…
Love those hues- so beautiful!
I love that blouse. It looks like a batik here of Malaysia. Lovely!
Plami said…
aaahhh now i am craving these as well <3

The Egg said…
girl, i need that shirt!
the colors are just amazing! thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Love that top! So cute!
Kathiey's World said…
I want that top too...beautiful:-)
Lindsay said…
Pretty dress . Awesome to see .

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